Sunday, October 22, 2006

Nussle Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Endorsement

Endorsements? I don't need yo' stinkin' endorsement!

In the game of touting political endorsements, like a true hustler, it looks like Jim played his hand in yesterday’s gubernatorial debate sponsored by “The Des Moines Register,” sacrificing any chances of receiving the Des Moines Register’s endorsement next Sunday. When prompted by his opponent to re-read his comments from a recent interview in the Register, the Jimster smugly responded: “Reading the Des Moines Register once a day is enough for me.” This comment prompted some “boos” from the audience as the moderator, Des Moines Register Editor Carolyn Washburn, attempted to restrain herself, storing the comment away for future use while attempting to push the debate forward.

Now, every hustler knows, assuming they’ve read The Idiot’s Guide to Hustlin’ and has “Hustlin’ Leadership Experience,” that the first rule of hustlin’ is to know who you’re hustling. In this case, Jim already knows he’s not going to get the Register’s endorsement, a byproduct of the Liberal Media,* so it’s up to Jim to shift the focus of the hustle. In this case, Jim’s focusing on the Register’s readership, primarily his right-wing base whose disgust with recent Republican political scandals may keep them from voting come Election Day. In essence, Jim’s taking a pre-emptive strike at the Register, so when they do come out endorsing Culver, his attack dog, Nick Ryan, will release a response indicating that “The Nussle Campaign is not surprised about the endorsement, especially since it comes form the liberal press, thus perpetuating the liberal stronghold on the media…”

Jim took a stab at his host as a means of proactively undermining their credibility -- on their own turf mind you. Now that takes leadership!

*Liberal media: owned by a handful of rich, conservative, white guys and their fleet of shareholders who paradoxically push a liberal agenda to help boost conservative readership? (That’s some mighty fine Hustlin’!)


Anonymous Cnes said...

Good text. ;-)

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nussle can read?

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chet Culver stands for abortion, gay marriage, human cloning, illegal immigration and seizing private property through eminent domain.

NONE of those are Iowa values, family values, or Christian values.

They are the values of Hollyweird and the liberal elitists who will desstroy this country if they prevail.

That is why I will be voting for Jim Nussle.

God Bless America and God Save this country from the Liberal Democrats.

6:08 PM  
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