Friday, August 18, 2006

Nussle Parades Patriotism via Flag Desecration

Nussle, one of the staunchest advocates for the protection of our most sacred symbol, the U.S. flag, takes his hustle to the streets of Iowa, hustlin’ votes from the Everyjohn*. Jim’s sporting a desecrated flag shirt, stitched by the hands of a malnourished, nine year old girl in a Malaysian sweatshop owned by an American corporation. The style of the shirt was made popular in the late 1960s when Abbie Hoffman, outspoken member of the counterculture, was arrested by the Chicago police and charged with "flag desecration" at the Democratic National Convention for wearing a similar shirt (Ah yes, the good ‘ol days, eh Jim?) -- only Abbie’s shirt (right) was long- sleeved and sewn by machine in an American factory.

Jim and the Everyjohn joke around with the latter’s son, kidding about how one day his generation may depend on sweatshop labor to help pay off the accrued interest on the current deficit Jim helped build with his own two hands. (above left)

Caution: Don’t sit too close to the campfire Jim, I’d hate to see your shirt catch afire and go up in flames.

*Everyjohn: a derivation of the term Everyman which symbolizes the ordinary individual, with whom people can identify. Everyjohn symbolizes the potential “tricks” one can hustle or turn for profit, whether it’s sexual or political solicitation.


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