Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nussle Endorses Exploitation of Child Labor in Political Markets

Yes folks, as Thomas Friedman puts it ‘The World is Flat,” and if we’re going to be contenders in the global market, it’s time Iowa adopts some of our competitors' strategies. Thanks to NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and outsourcing, other countries have successfully tapped into the cheap labor market, and it’s time we follow their lead and start exploiting our children as well. The days of “money for nothing” and collecting weekly unemployment (allowance) are numbered. Not only will this save money for the state and our country, but the sooner we begin exploiting our children, the more marketable they’ll be when all of the jobs have left Iowa and the United States.

Being the true visionary he is, Jim read the writing on one of the walls along the Mexican border and took the initiative by recruiting young foot soldiers for his gubernatorial campaign. Although the volunteer work is only temporary, meaning they won’t receive health benefits or pension bonuses, these children will be better prepared to survive on the leveled global playing field when they graduate -- assuming of course the public schools aren’t outsourced as well.

A junior member of Nussle's Toddler Corps takes up a strategic post, positioning and marketing herself for a Nussle rally set to commence 8 hours later.

A new recruit for Nussle's Infant Corps attends a training meaning and attentatively watches a training video, ABCommunism and the Dark Side of Unions.

A member of Nussle's Junior Corps proudly displays her Nussle lunch sack which she earned after her initial two weeks of service.

A group of Nussle's Junior Corps take one of their two 15 minute breaks to help break up the 16-hour work day.


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