Saturday, November 25, 2006

Invading Tom Vilsack’s MySpace

What could somebody like Tom Vilsack, Iowa Governor and presidential hopeful, have in common with somebody like me, a mere political satirist?

The answer: a 30-year old guy named Tom from Santa Monica, California -- who by the way could be the most popular man in the world, weighing in with a mere 133,070,457 friends on My Space. It helps that Tom is employed by My Space, but if the other Tom, the Vilsack Tom can tap into Tom’s network of friends, befriend these folks and get them to vote for him in the ’08 election, President Vilsacks’s “Friend Space” will mushroom exponentially, possibly helping him surpass My Space Tom’s popularity. Fortunately for Vilsack, Santa Clara Tom won’t be old enough to run for president in ’08, otherwise Vilsack would have to reassess his friendship with Tom. (Read more and help join the war effort at "Political Fallout")


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